It’s My 30th Birthday and I’ll Miss My 20s If I Want To!

Posted on Jun 23 2014 - 11:12am by Jamie Sterling

Real talk…. I wrote this on my birthday, but spent a little too much time enjoying it to post this. After catching up from work and the festivities, I wanted to still share my thoughts on my 30th this year. And, the one thing I will say about celebrating my 30th at night with friends is that I definitely went out like I was in my twenties, but woke up feeling 30. WOO WEE. 😉

Here’s what I have to say…

It is my 30th birthday today! Ok, that’s the last time I’m saying that. Correction: It is my second annual 29th birthday today! 😉

Here I am hanging with my littlest Bean at the Science Center on my 30th Birthday!

30th Birthday

Celebrating a “milestone” birthday is a great time to reflect and (as I say when using work words) “hindsight” on the last decade. I posted a funny list of why 30 isn’t so great and everyone reared up and said “It’s great! 30 is the awesomest ever! I feel like a new (wo)man!”

Well, ain’t that great. It just makes me feel not 29 anymore. (And, really the list was just meant to be funny!) 😉

But, in all honesty, I hope and plan to say the same about my thirties! For now, though, I’m just going to reflect on the things that happened in the last 10 years that I remember most fondly. I’m sure the next 10 years will be amazing too – it’s all about what you make of them!

My twenties were full of struggle (it is not easy being a young Mom and trying to find your way in the professional world at the same time you’re finding your way as a wife and Mom). But, when I look back, I honestly cannot believe the love and light I was lucky enough to experience and am so proud of my accomplishments during the last decade.

In my twenties, I…

  • graduated college with Honors and was inducted into the highest Honors society for undergraduates, Phi Beta Kappa (all while life was growing inside of me!)
  • met my soul mate, got married, honeymooned (twice), and celebrated 8 wedding anniversaries.
  • had three beautiful boys, expanding my future security team or my husband’s rhythm section. 😉
  • bought my first house with my husband.
  • landed my dream job (seriously, you guys, can you believe my job is all about helping children using the power of music?!).
  • traveled to Barcelona, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria & Mexico, as well as various great locations in the US like LA, Miami, NYC, & San Fran.
  • watched my brother fight cancer and my father recover from a life threatening stroke. While this wasn’t initially a good thing, they both made it through and it made me appreciate them and everyone in my life even more. (PS: I LOVE you guys; so blessed and glad you are here with us stronger than ever today!)
  • lost the baby weight – twice (one to go, hoping it’s not TOO hard now that I’m old and all)…
  • met many wonderful new friends.
  • learned… A LOT. I started my Master’s program, presented at national industry events like MediaPost Mobile Summit in Miami, FL and local events, and continued to work to advance my professional knowledge and skills.
  • read The China Study and made the decision to live a healthier, cleaner life. (Read it).
  • saved at least 15 dogs lives due to our efforts helping shelter dogs who are in high-kill shelters get adopted, transported, or fostered (we fostered at least 15 ourselves and facilitated other adoptions and transports).
  • had FUN. I couldn’t list all the amazing moments with friends and family here, but am blessed to have too many to list here.

Here’s a gallery of some of my favorite moments from my twenties:

I look forward to celebrating my 29th again and again in the future ;)


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