Top 15 Reasons 30 Isn’t So Great

Posted on Jun 20 2014 - 4:10pm by Jamie Sterling

It was perfect timing when I saw, read, and laughed at my friend’s Facebook status today. We have all seen those Buzzfeed articles and Facebook messages talking about how great it is to be 30. I’m with Kelly, it’s all a crock of crap. In honor of my second annual 29th this Monday, I wanted to keep it real and share my friend’s list of why 30 isn’t so great.

Top 15 Reasons 30 Isn’t So Great

via Kelly Lauren, slightly edited for the Sterling Mom blog.

  1. Having your first root canal/surgery/medical crisis/baby seems essential to welcome you into your new decade of life.
  2. If you have kids, your friends without kids never invite you to do things or call you (except for 1 or 2 that are true friends).
  3. If you don’t have kids, everyone you know is having kids. Your Facebook newsfeed has moved from party photos to baby photos.
  4. You are invited to more kids’ celebrations than grown-up parties.
  5. If you’re a woman, shelf bras are no longer sufficient.  If you’re a man, you might consider shaving your head.
  6. Parents in commercials no longer look like someone’s Mom or Dad, but someone you think is a hottie.
  7. You’d rather have a Samsung Galaxy than an iPhone because of the larger screen. {Sterling Mom note on this one: I’m still an iPhone fan, but definitely hear this one in that I gravitate way more towards the bigger screen of my iPad or laptop!}
  8. An hour drive for your favorite concert is a bit much. How would you get home if you wanted to have a few?
  9. Saturdays & Sundays are spent cleaning, food shopping, & house chores, instead of going out with friends.
  10. Doctor appointments occur yearly and with various specialists, instead of dragging yourself to a student health or express health clinic when you are on your death bed.
  11. There’s typically something that needs to be looked into at those Dr. appointments – or a follow up specialist to see.
  12. “You want me to sleep on the couch so you can get the baby to sleep? Do you KNOW what that will do to my back?”
  13. The only emails you get are work-related or coupons and promotions.
  14. You realize your phone contacts contain more school numbers, doctor numbers, homeowner-related numbers, work contacts, & debt consolidators than friends.
  15. Hangovers last for days. And, you feel hungover after a poor night of (sober) sleep!

I’ll be reflecting some more on my transition from one decade to the next on my birthday Monday. Maybe, with a little more positivity. 😉  For now, celebrating the last few days of my twenties this weekend with the family and my little birthday boy, who is turning 8 tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

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