About Me:
Hi! My name is Jamie Sterling. I’m a full-time working Mom of three little boys and I try desperately to live up to my last name…sometimes to not so Sterling results.

I am originally from eastern Pennsylvania and moved to Pittsburgh, PA to attend the University of Pittsburgh. I majored in “Politics & Philosophy” an Honors College major that incorporated studies in Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics. I also got certificates in Public and Professional Writing and the Conceptual Foundations of Medicine. I graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. I began pursuing my MBA at Point Park College many years ago, but took a break due to family conflicts.

Some things I really love include
my family, my job, my friends, live music, learning, cooking, wine, road trips and travel, reading, writing, gardening, rescuing dogs, photography, musical theater, and people who rock.

Some things I really don’t love include stress, baby weight, child or dog abusers, being clumsy, my bum right leg, healthcare costs, rude people, bad drivers, and poop.

About My Family:
My husband, Marc, and I have been married for eight years and we have three beautiful boys, The Dude, age 7; Little Bird (sometimes referred to as “Ding Dong”), age 2; and Baby Bean, age 6 months. We have three rescue dogs (also male), named Buster, Duke and Shadow. I am surrounded by a lot of stinky boys, but I absolutely love it.

We live in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. I originate from eastern PA (Lehigh Valley) and hubby is from the Eastern Shore of MD. Not having any family support closer than 6 hours away tends to make our lives a little harder than most families’ I know.

Marc Sterling, my husband, rock and definitely my better half, is a professional musician. He is a master of all instruments, but is primarily a bass player (some would say god, or as our one friend put it… Groove Robot). He teaches lessons (bass, guitar, ukulele, and piano) and freelances and gigs regularly with a number of different acts in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. We actually met at a music festival he was playing at nine years ago. It’s a very fun “How I Met Your Mother Story.” {Read Our Love Story here!}

About My Job:
A lot of my life is spent trying to balance my busy career with being the best mom and wife possible. It isn’t easy and I don’t have all the answers. But, I love my family and I love my job, so I will just document my struggles as I try to give both the attention they deserve.

My current gig is as Director of Marketing for Kindermusik International. Kindermusik is the world’s leading publisher of music and movement curricula for children ages newborn to 7 years old and enjoyed in over 70 countries. The company’s mission is to use the power of music to reach and educate as many children as possible across the globe. As someone whose two favorite things in life are kids and music, I could not have found a company that has better values or is more aligned with my mission in life. Kindermusik is also an employee-owned company, so I am an employee owner, which is wonderful motivation to give my all (and, sometimes as a result, get overworked and over stressed). I manage the Marketing teams for our Studio music classes business and our Schools curriculum business, both domestic and international regions. My company is based in Greensboro, NC, so I work remotely from a home office in Pittsburgh, PA. There are great benefits to working from home, but it’s also a bit difficult to do with a toddler, baby, husband and 3 dogs in the same house. More on that later!

In the past, I worked for The Art Institutes system of schools (Education Management Corporation) as Senior Marketing Manager, responsible for creating integrated direct response marketing campaigns and Web site experiences for The Art Institutes via the following online vehicles: search engine marketing & optimization, display banner advertising, mobile advertising, social media, video/rich media, and other forms of emerging media.

I also worked at a top 10 Search Engine Marketing firm, IMPAQT, in roles within various departments including Client Services, Knowledge & Enablement, and Marketing.

I have been recognized for my work in digital marketing. I was a panelist at the MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit, a speaker at SEMPO & PodCamp Pittsburgh, was recognized in MediaPost’s Mobile Insider newsletter, a recipient of the OMMA Integrated Small Marketer award, and two time winner of Pittsburgh Marketer of the Year award.

Find out more about my professional work on my LinkedIn profile.

About The Sterling Mom Blog: 

I hope this blog gives me the opportunity to better embrace the things I love and am passionate about. That said, I’m going to keep it real. Life isn’t perfect and it’s especially hard to juggle a full-time, demanding career with being an engaged, full-time Mom. I can’t sugarcoat everything and I certainly don’t have all the answers – and don’t want to pretend I do. I also don’t have much free time. So, even though I own a decent DSLR camera and know how to take nice photos doesn’t mean that I will always have the time. I may not have the most perfect photos posted on this site and I may make a grammatical error here or there, but please be kind and try not to judge. I’m typically writing these posts with one hand on some random device, during a work break, while nursing my baby and yelling at (I mean inspiring, wink wink) my 7 and 2 year olds!

Also, I think it’s important to note that this blog is meant to empower and inspire. Negativity, insults, or closed minds are not tolerated, although open discourse is truly welcomed!

I don’t have all the answers. Sometimes, I’m not even aware of the questions. But, I’m excited for the ride and hope to grow as a person during this journey we call life!

Carpe Diem, friends!

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