A Sterling & Not So Sterling Moment …with Doughnuts

Posted on Jun 1 2014 - 12:47pm by Jamie Sterling

Sterling Mom Moment:
This morning, I asked the boys if they wanted doughnuts for breakfast (a VERY rare treat) because their Dad had to run to Sheetz for coffee. Sidenote: It is never pleasant when we run out of coffee in our house.

My seven year old said, “What’s a doughnut?” and the two year old echoed his question.


Neither he nor my two year old had a clue what doughnuts were! In hindsight, I suppose they haven’t had them too often at all. I’ve been doing my best to be healthy, which means limited sugars, processed foods, meat, and dairy.

So, I’m feeling pretty good about myself, our nutrition, and my parenting skills…

Flash forward a half hour later.

Not So Sterling Mom Moment:
The two year old Ding Dong won’t stop crying because he wants another doughnut. (Meaning, he wants more icing. See photo below).


PS: Here is the poor victim:

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