Homemade Organic Baby Food (for Babies Ages 4-6 Months)

Posted on May 3 2014 - 8:49pm by Jamie Sterling

This should be filed under things I wish I figured out with the first baby 8 years ago!

Because, guess what? Making baby food is SUPER easy. And it can save you a lot of money.

Plus, any non-Organic baby food you buy off the shelf and feed to your child puts toxins into your sweet little baby’s bloodstream and brain. No, thanks! I opt to make baby food out of organic fruits and vegetables and keep a store of organic baby food in the pantry for travel or when we’re rushing around…which is quite often.

(Side note: I really like Ella’s Kitchen Organic baby food and usually stock up when it’s on sale at Babies R Us.)


Here are homemade baby food recipes that are appropriate for babies ages 4 – 6 months

If baby is ready, you can start him or her on the below foods as early as 4 months old, which is when I started with my boys.

Baby Food Recipe #1: Baby Bananas
Step 1. Peel banana.
Step 2. Mash banana with fork
Step 2. Feed to baby

Couldn’t be simpler!

Here’s the (not so beautiful, but perfectly nutritious result):


Baby Food Recipe #2: Baby Avocados
Step 1. Peel and core avocado.
Step 2. Mash avocado with fork
Step 2. Feed to baby

See how easy?

And, the result? A Happy Baby Bean!!






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