Things Moms of Boys Say on Mother’s Day

Posted on May 11 2014 - 11:52pm by Jamie Sterling

Things I uttered today during our annual Mother’s Day celebration and trip to the nursery:

“Don’t punch your brother.”

“That was the strangest mixture of mud and poop I’ve ever seen!”

“You ruined your shoes!”

“It’s my day, no toys and no cartoons and no fighting!”

“No, we can’t go to the toy store – we’re going to the flower store!”

“Oops, a nap would have been wise.”

“You smell gross.”

But, I was also lucky enough to have my two year old follow every instruction to help me mix compost and water fresh plants in the garden. I got my planting done in halftime because of his help, no exaggeration!

I watched my seven year old wipe his two year old brothers’ tears away during a tantrum, hug him and then say “I know you can do this. If you calm down, you can still roast marshmallows tonight!”

I got more smiles and squeals than I can count out of my Baby Bean… And he used that extra-happy special squeal he reserves just for Mommy.

When making S’mores, my two year old kept insisting I take the first bite of each of his. Finally, I said, “You are sharing so much! Why are you being nice to me?”

He smiled the sweetest smile and said, in the cutest sing-song voice, “Because I love you!”

In addition to that one time, I was told I was loved (and “the BEST Mommy”) by my children and given hugs and kisses more times than I could count.

And, that doesn’t count the flowers, the cards, the crepes, the nursery trip, the help and the relaxation that I got today.

Obviously, I wouldn’t trade a moment. Even the Not So Sterling ones.



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