Why Baby Wipes Cost Us $4,000

Posted on May 19 2014 - 3:04am by Jamie Sterling

It was the day of my best friends’ wedding shower and bachelorette party and I had out of town guests and LOTS to do as one of the organizers of the party.

With guests visiting and the time coming to get ready to head out and set up for the party, my husband surreptitiously pulls me aside and lets me know that there is sewer water pumping through our basement (both up through the floor and down through the ceiling) and it has started coming out of the floor of our first floor bathroom. My hubby quickly stuffed some towels on the inside of the bathroom door and tried to shoo us out the door before any of our visitors saw (or smelled) what was going on.

Yep, it was pretty apparent that the plumbing backed up. That day, hubby spent the whole day with our infant, toddler, and 7 year old boys ShopVac-ing sewer water from two floors of our home, while I enjoyed myself with a champagne bar. I still owe the hubster for this one… Have I mentioned how great he is yet?!

The plumbers came on Monday and tried to snake the line. The snake kept getting stuck over and over. We were closely overseeing their work (because who trusts a plumber?!) and could see they were coming up on something over and over. The only option for the plumbers was to drill through our basement floor to determine the issue. Once our floor was properly jack-hammered, the plumbers discovered a wad of 50+ baby wipes in the pipes. They were flushed by someone down the toilet…

My newest arch-nemesis:

The culprit:

Guilty As Charged

Guilty, As Charged

And, that’s why baby wipes cost us (over) $4,000. And, required us to get professional sewage cleaners, new floors, and a forced basement de-clutter.

The plumbing overflow was a really crappy (literally) issue to deal with, but I am trying to look on the positive side (as my Mom gently reminded me that I should do).

And, it’s good to remind ourselves…even when it seems like our lives really, really stink…that life actually doesn’t stink at all. It’s a pretty great thing. Despite the bad, you can always see the good, if you look. I swear if I didn’t repeat this as a mantra, I might possibly lose my sanity. 😉

Here are a few things I reminded myself makes this just another passing pothole on the road we call life…

  1. We have a house and this is our first (MAJOR) emergency in 4 years of home ownership. Not ideal, but it could be worse.
  2. Our house has wine, dark chocolate, and cheese in it, all of which works well to cheer me up.
  3. Perspective looks much less bleak after a nap. Sometimes months of no sleep with baby and lots of work stress catch up to you…and a nap is your only option to retain sanity.
  4. I have the most supportive family ever.
  5. I get to cuddle sweet boys, babies and puppies when I’m down. And my boys tell me how awesome and nice and pretty I am over and over. Honestly, nothing *should* bring you down when that kind of awesomeness is a part of your every day!
  6. My husband is awesome and handled all water and icky clean up with the ShopVac. Imagine if I didn’t have him and owned the house alone… I’m so blessed to have such a good man!
  7. Shit happens. Literally. In the future (hopefully when we’re no longer living in this tiny, old, shitty (sorry, had to say it once more) house!!), this will be another blip in our life that we look back on and say, well I’m glad that’s over!

In the meantime, buy a toilet lock if you have a toddler:

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  1. Sara May 20, 2014 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    When I saw the title, I said to myself, “Wow! I knew baby wipes and diapers are expensive but $4000?!” And then read the rest of the post… 🙂

    I must admit, I did something similar when I was a child. I flushed a wash cloth down the toilet and flooded our basement. I don’t remember how old I was, or if I’ve even fessed up to it to my parents (which is why I am commenting on here instead of Facebook :)) but I can remember what a ordeal it was, standing on the carpeted stairs thinking, “Whoa, I wonder how that happened…” I am so sorry this happened to you guys!

    But you’re exactly right about looking on the bright side! And your hubs is a true gentleman and glad the boys got in to help out as well 🙂 I want to own a home so badly but am worried about things like this — but it is a learning experience! Thank you for reminding me to be grateful when things get ‘shitty’ – and here’s hoping baby wipes don’t cause so much damage again! 🙂 <3

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